Tortle Ninja Development Update | Sprint 39 & 40

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3 min readOct 7, 2022


The mainnet version has begun! We are rolling out more features and fixing some bugs 🛠

The first mainnet pioneers are already creating their investments in Tortle Ninja.

🛒 Additionally, we have added these new features…

  • We finished the backend for the sentiment Combo Trigger.
  • We revamped and finished the global APR recipe, and now every recipe shows most of its data.
  • We added a new confirmation method for recipes, now every time you execute one you can see the transaction involved.
  • We just revamped the info we show when farming, so it's easier to understand.

Most of the sprint has been on finding, reporting, and correcting high-level bugs, like:

  • Retry button in Failed Recipes when there is no fantom in Add Funds.
  • Bug on fees Zeros when split and liquidate the amount.
  • Problems with Zeros.
  • The cancel button doesn't work properly on failed recipes.
  • When I use Spookyswap as the source on combo triggers the app goes blank.
  • Deposit after a farm.
  • Show the price logs in swaps, splits, and liquidates at the specific time
  • General fails on combo triggers.

Sprint 40

We are also working on this sprint, adding more features.

In terms of new features, we will...

  • Revamp landing to convert better and provide early access.
  • Add terms and conditions.
  • Optimize blockchain calls (some waiting times are a bit long, especially on farms).
  • We all add logs for aborted recipes.
  • We are working on the Integration with Balancer.

Also, we are working on several bugs:

  • A small bug with certain RPC providers
  • A crash editing split node if one of the branches is disconnected.
  • Some improvements in how we calculate the outcome of farms.
  • Some improvements on BTC Farms, that are not working due to small numbers.
  • We are defining error boundaries for error control.
  • We are revamping how some reward tokens are compounded related to a new spooky contract.

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About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code decentralized financial tool built to enable retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies.

Tortle users can create combinations of DeFi operations by linking the nodes and defining a strategy. You can split, create a limit, stop-loss orders, and even more complex strategies.

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