Tortle Ninja Development Update | Sprint 31

Tortle Ninja
2 min readJun 13, 2022


We have just launched the private beta test, refining the APRs calculus on farms and vaults, and more…

In this sprint, we have been doing a lot. First, we prepared all and launched our beta, at We have around 100 active users at the moment with about 40 public recipes.

Our beta is still in the private phase and to be eligible you have to join our gleam campaign.

Also, we have been refining the APRs calculus on farms and vaults, and correcting a HUGE bug about decimals (as ERC20 tokens have a variable amount of decimals parts of our front-end were not processing it well.)

We also prepared all smart contracts for audit, spoiler, we are doing it with Peckshield, and did some other minor and major bugs 🤟

We also started Sprint 32, which will be focused on 2 parts:

  1. Correct some bugs, especially from user feedback (You will see a tag BETA FEEDBACK) with features and bugs already suggested by users, you can see the user on the issue.
  2. Start connecting all to the mainnet.

When it comes to user feedback I want to remark how much we listen to the community, to the point that just 5 days after 2 users told us to do a new feature or team had it, in this case, it was to be able to see the prices of the assets when doing a combo trigger. And that’s it, 5 days later is in production and ready

About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code decentralized financial tool built to enable retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies.

Tortle users can create combinations of DeFi operations by linking the nodes and defining a strategy. You can split, create a limit, stop-loss orders, and even more complex strategies. Tortle will validate the operation results and the composition of the operation if it is valid or invalid.

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