Tortle Ninja and Arbitrum AMA Recap

ICYMI: We had a fun AMA session with none other than Arbitrum themselves last Nov. 24!

Tortle Ninja
2 min readDec 1, 2023

We were invited by Arbitrum to do an AMA with them last Nov. 24, 2023!

This engaging and informative AMA allowed us to delve into a range of significant topics surrounding Tortle Ninja, including our latest achievements and the strides we’ve made in the DeFi space. Key discussions were centered around how we prioritize and maintain the security of our users’ assets, the ways in which we actively involve and engage with our community, and our strategies for adapting to the dynamic changes in the market.

Additionally, we provided insights into what users can anticipate from the upcoming Version 3 of our platform, among other important subjects.

To gain a complete and thorough understanding of the topics covered in our discussion, make sure to view the full AMA session at the link provided below.

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