The 5 keys to Master your DeFi Strategies with Tortle Ninja

Step-by-step guide to make the best out of your recipes

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5 min readAug 23, 2022

We recently announced our second beta phase of Tortle Ninja! (But we’re sure you already know it 👀)

Beta Testers of Tortle Ninja — the DeFi meta aggregator on Fantom Opera— will be one of the first to try out our insane strategies or what we call ‘Combo Recipes’.

And, what are those ‘Recipes’? 🧐 You are probably wondering… Simply!

Combo Recipes are a combination of DeFi operations that enables you to create, shoot, repeat, and copy complex investment strategies.

How can you join Beta Test Program?

The first and essential step to participating is having a whitelisted wallet address.

To get that chance, you have to submit your Fantom wallet address and valid email address here. You'll also be asked to join Tortle Ninja’s Discord and Telegram. Why? Because Private Beta Tester’s conversation lives there. 🙌

After sending your info, wait for the signal! You will receive an email when your wallet has already been whitelisted 💌

Beta Tester Benefits at the end of this blog. Read on!

Tortle Ninja Testnet — Step-by-step Guide

Your wallet is already whitelisted, don’t you remember? (If not, please read again above 🙄)

Ok, so now we’re in the same boat, go to Tortle Ninja’s beta website ( and log in using your Metamask wallet.

Note: If you can’t access the website with your address, you can contact support.

— —

Lesson 0. The dashboard.

Tortle Ninja Dashboard ready to receive your Combo Recipes.

Here’s where everything starts, all your recipes will be here.

This “Any recipe yet” doesn’t sound good… Keep reading and let’s find out how to create your first recipe!

— —

Lesson 1. Important Dashboard Features.

Easy but essential:

🧑‍💻 Create a Recipe

On the right upper part of the dashboard, you can see the Create Recipe button. Click there and you’ll access the canvas.

🔍 Browse Recipes

Search, view, and clone all public strategies. No matter if they’re created by you or by any other user. Use the search bar and if you find something you like, just clone it! It will automatically appear in Your Recipes.

🌍 Language Selector

Change the language as you need, clicking on the lower part of the dashboard. As of now, we have Chinese, Vietnamese, and English available.

— —

Lesson 2. Recipes States.

Find them always in the right place:

👩‍🍳 Your Recipes

Let’s start with the essential: your beloved strategies! All the recipes you have created or cloned, and not executed yet, will be here. Consider this your ‘drafts container’.

Recipes here can be Edited, Executed, Cloned, and Erased.

🟢 Active Recipes

You will find all the working recipes in this section. You can open them, clone them and even abort them.

Remember, all combo triggers can be executed manually at any moment. You only have to open the active recipe and execute it.

🔴 Failed Recipes

Shit happens, and sometimes a recipe cannot be properly executed. In this case, all of your failed recipes will be moved here. You can always try again, clone it or cancel it. If you choose to do so, all funds will be returned to your wallet.

Liquidated Recipes

This is the place where all completed recipes that you have already completed go.

Here you’ll see the APR generated at the end. Worthy of celebration? You can clone recipes here too! Do it and they will reappear on Your Recipes.

— —

Lesson 3. The Canvas.

Look how clean it is… let’s make some combos!

The canvas has 2 main areas:

  • Operators, on your left.
  • Canvas itself, on your right (or your other left).

Just drag and drop any operator (or all of them!) to the canvas and start connecting.

— —

Lesson 4. Operators.

This is how each operator works:

💰 Add Funds

Always starts a recipe by funding it. You can use any of the assets Tortle works, they will come from your wallet.

🔄 Swap

Convert a stream of Tokens into another one automatically. Using the Spooky Swap router, you only have to choose the correct output and Tortle Ninja will do the rest.

🔪 Split

This operator will separate funds into 2 streams, executing 2 swaps if necessary. It allows more complex strategies like multi-farming.

📥 Deposit on Liquidity Pool

Find here all Pool offerings on Spooky Swap and sort them by liquidity and APR. To add liquidity, you will not need to separate your funds, Tortle Ninja will do it all automatically for you in just 1tx.

🪙 Farm

On Tortle Ninja, you can always auto-compound your earnings at the best rate, with 0 fees. So APRs will skyrocket! As on LPs farming doesn’t require any special action, we’ll manage to make it all automatically with any stream of coins you have.

🔮 Combo Triggers

This is our greatest innovation: combo triggers allow recipes to evolve when certain conditions are met.

💳 Send to Wallet

Send your tokens to your wallet.

💲 Liquidate

Do a final swap to the output currency you choose and send it to your wallet.

— —

Lesson 5. Other Canvas Features.

Some other cool stuff you can do from the canvas:

🔹 Name your Recipe

Change your recipe Name and Description in the upper middle part of the canvas.

🔹 Add, Validate, and Run your Recipe

You cannot execute a recipe without validating it. Validation just ensures all recipe logic is correct and looks viable.

Now it’s validated, you can Run it.

When you are done, you will see the resume screen. Once you do all the approval and send the tokens to Tortle Ninja smart contract, your recipe will be executed and appear on the Active Recipes.

🔹 Private and Public Mode

By default, a recipe is set as Private. If you want to make it Public, just switch on the upper middle part of the canvas.

If you’ve read until here, you’re now a Tortle Ninja master 🥷

Share with us your recipes and get the chance to receive rewards as a ‘Recipe of the Week’ creator. And stay tuned, we’ll announce Tortle Ninja leaderboards soon 👀

Happy Testing! 🤟

⚠️ Remember that Beta Test Phase 2 will start on Fantom Testnet and end on Fantom Mainnet.

About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code decentralized financial tool built to enable retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies.

Tortle users can create combinations of DeFi operations by linking the nodes and defining a strategy. You can split, create a limit, stop-loss orders, and even more complex strategies.

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