How to Monetize with the Tortle Ninja’s Creators Program

Discover the two ways to earn a substantial income with Tortle Ninja! Alongside winning with our recipes, you can increase your earnings by participating in our newly opened program 💰

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As a Tortle Ninja Creator, you can earn profits generated by your earning recipe and become eligible for a significant portion of our exclusive incoming airdrop. Curious? Keep reading to discover the two ways that can turn this opportunity into reality.

Option 1: Revenue Share for Tortle Ninja Recipe Creators

If you’ve been leveraging Tortle Ninja for your DeFi strategies, you can now inspire fellow users to clone and execute your profitable recipe by sharing it on popular social media platforms like X.

Every time someone executes and successfully completes your strategy at a profit, you’ll receive a 3% share of that profit. So, if a user deposits $1000 and earns a 100% profit, you will receive 30 USDT, which will be paid directly into the wallet you used to create the recipe. Imagine a continuous flow of earnings being directly deposited into your wallet as more users copy and execute your earning strategy.

Just click the “Share” button and share your recipe link on social media platforms like X for continuous earnings and to expand your reach. By consistently sharing your recipe with a wider audience, you can make a positive impact. The more users view and use your earning recipes, the greater earnings you will received.

Note: Timing is crucial. If you believe a specific recipe you’ve created will yield positive results or has already proven to be successful, that’s the best time to share your recipe with others. We highly encourage you to thoroughly analyze your recipe before sharing it with others.

Option 2: Airdrop for Content Creators

Within our community, some dedicated members create content about Tortle Ninja. We hold immense respect and appreciation for the unwavering efforts and contributions of our community.

In alignment with our commitment to acknowledging your dedication, we have reserved a substantial portion of our airdrop program exclusively for individuals who actively contribute as content creators. If you are actively involved in creating Tweets, videos, or articles related to Tortle, you may be eligible to receive a share of the airdrop.

Your contributions matter greatly to us, and we want to ensure that your efforts are not only recognized but also rewarded.

To seize this opportunity, all you need to do is reach out to any of our community leaders on Discord. You can either share the progress of your contribution or express your interest in participating. Your contributions make our community thrive, and we want to show our gratitude by ensuring that your efforts are duly acknowledged and rewarded.

Are you ready to start earning today? Join us as a recipe creator, a content creator, or why not both? The choice is yours! 💪

Access Tortle Ninja now from your desktop or mobile device, and seize the opportunity to start earning!

For comprehensive information, please visit our Notion page, where you can find FAQs and a detailed explanation of our program’s mechanic here:

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