Get ready for Tortle Ninja Launch 01 — How this will change everything

The Mainnet version is now on its way! 🛵

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2 min readSep 26, 2022

We are more than thrilled to move forward to our Mainnet version!

Since July this year, our team put tons of testing and work to give the best out of Tortle Ninja— the decentralized finance framework on Fantom.

This all started when we create this on Fantom testnet and now the testnet comes to an end, we are going to put all our attention to the Mainnet version.

Migrating from Testnet to Mainnet

The difference between both environments is that the testnet is for early testing, and the tokens on the testnet have no economic value. By way of explanation, testnet is for trial and proof of concepts.

At present, we have come to the conclusion that Tortle Ninja is tested enough on a certain level and this is the best moment to finally move to our mainnet version to try it with real moving assets.

We would also take this moment to share that the response of the Tortle Ninja community has been positive. Feedback to bug reports from our beta testers helped us to navigate minor bugs to fix. Also, every suggestion we have received was taken into account. The whole team is grateful for those who participate during the testnet. 🙌

How can you join the Mainnet?

The private testnet has been ongoing for a couple of months now, with more than 700 beta testers participating and getting featured on our socials weekly by making their best combo recipes.

With the mainnet version, we are going to launch 3 phases:

  • Phase #01 — Open for most active beta testers.
  • Phase #02 — Open for a small group of beta testers with $50 insurance.
  • Phase #03 — Atlas, Tortle Ninja is open for everyone!

Note: Stay tuned to upcoming blog posts this week for how to be more (even more) prepared for the Tortle Ninja Mainnet! 👀


Tortle Ninja Team 💜

About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code decentralized financial tool built to enable retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies.

Tortle users can create combinations of DeFi operations by linking the nodes and defining a strategy. You can split, create a limit, stop-loss orders, and even more complex strategies.

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