Continuous Cash, Stablecoin Panic Solver, and Tortle Farming in Tortle Ninja

Photo by Tortle Ninja

Get to know Tortle Ninja’s Combo Recipes. These recipes are sets of different nodes that create products and strategies.

Photo by Tortle Ninja

Some of Tortle’s Combo Recipes:

This DeFi strategy lets you maintain your principal while you liquidate the reward token into a stable coin. Primarily, you can spend your earnings and maintain your principal. For this recipe, you will add funds, choose a Yield Farm option, and split the operation into 2, sending the farm tokens again to the yield and the reward token to be swapped by a stablecoin and right to our wallet. So every week we can have fresh well-earned money in our pocket.

2. Stablecoin Panic Solver 💡💡💡

We have this strategy that lets you swap any troubled Stablecoin in order to buy another one. In this instance, your portfolio has stablecoins you can swap in case they lose their peg.

These combo recipes use your USDT and set up a condition wherein case that stablecoin drops below a certain level it’s swapped to a less-troubled cryptocurrency of your choice.

3. Tortle Farming 🐢🐢🐢

This strategy will let you stake and unstake LP tokens from any BEP-2 Token on a single operation. Bitcoin Savings Account gives the user the possibility to liquidate complex positions anytime the user wants. Besides, they can watch their earnings and other users’ earnings over time. Even though the graph is a bit complex, the visual representation using our node system is user-friendly. To create this recipe, you will only have to use 4 nodes. So anyone can generate it effortlessly.

Our bitcoin savings account is a decentralized finance strategy that can make any user gain profit from Bitcoin and DeFi growth over time and sell it when certain conditions are fulfilled.

Go try it on your own by visiting and logging in to our website at and have your Metamask ready! ;)

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